Trusting The Plan

Valencia Fontenelle-Posson

Connect with Valencia:

My story starts with an old arcade game.

When I was younger, my mom and I were driving down the road when we saw one of those old basketball games where you shoot the ball, and it pops right back to you.

Without really thinking, we picked it up, strapped it to the roof of our car, and took it home.

Flash forward 14-odd years, and I’m still obsessed with basketball.

I’m grateful to play as a DI athlete at Siena College.

I love this game so much. 

It’s a sport that rewards trust, determination, and competition. It helps me express myself and strengthens my faith. 

I hope basketball continues to play a role in my life after college, too.

I want to play overseas and establish a career as a model.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s rewind to how I got here. 

A Competitive Edge

Competition is in my blood. I thrive on challenging myself against new opponents. 

When I was younger, I often played against guys, but I didn’t mind. 

I always wanted to be the best athlete on the court.

If that meant I beat guys while training, well, that was a fun bonus. 

I’ve also always been a big believer in speaking things into existence and setting clear goals. 

I remember making a video with my mom when I was about ten years old. In that video, I talked about my goal of making varsity in eighth grade, playing DI basketball and playing overseas one day.

I hope 10-year-old me would be proud I checked two off that list already.

When I committed to Siena, my goals turned into reality. 

Even though the COVID recruiting process functioned a little differently and threw a wrench in meeting coaches in person, I knew I found the right fit.

I love this place, and I wouldn’t change anything about how I got here.

College basketball is a different beast, though. The competition is tougher, the games are faster, and the stakes are higher. Through my training, I started many games my sophomore year and doubled my scoring contributions. 

I refined my shot from behind the arc, and I felt more confident commanding the court. 

I am grateful for each opportunity to compete for my team and support them as best I can.

I appreciate each lesson I’ve learned through basketball, especially when I learned to embrace and overcome a recent challenge.