If I Can Do It...

Keshawn Lynch

I’ve always wanted to be someone people look up to.

While that may seem like an abstract goal, I’m grateful that God has blessed me with many challenges and opportunities to shape this dream.

As a former walk-on student-athlete, I began on the sidelines but eventually transferred and made a name for myself by earning all-MEAC honors.

Through this journey, I learned how to share my story and leverage NIL opportunities.

I even had the chance to speak at an NCAA convention.

The word “inspiration” gets thrown around a lot in student-athlete spaces.

While I can’t control whether my story inspires others, I hope my journey reflects the opportunities available to everyone.

I’ve reached this point through faith, trust, and many small connections.

If I can do it, so can you.

Walk On

I wasn’t one of those kids who played a million sports growing up.

For me, it was always football.

I played for a ton of little rec teams - I was an “Old Town Duck” and a “Tornado.”

My training and effort moved me up the depth chart in high school. 

But when it was time to go to college, I didn’t receive a single Division I offer.

My confidence dropped.

I had offers from NAIA, Division III, and a few DII programs, and while I was incredibly grateful for those offers, I, candidly, sought something else.

To me, that meant I only had one option — I walked on at Old Dominion.

I worked hard and felt like I was in a good position, but I wasn’t seeing the field.

I didn’t have a scholarship and wasn’t even traveling to games.

To be honest, I was frustrated.

But I didn’t let that define me.

My story didn’t end there.

Changing my mindset changed my life.

My dad and uncle told me to keep fighting, to remember that I was better than what others thought of me, to train harder than the guy ahead of me, and to trust myself and God more.

My new mindset motivated me. 

I eventually entered the transfer portal and earned a scholarship at Norfolk State.

Most importantly, I found myself playing football on the field again.